La Locanda del Notaio

Climbing up the mountain between Lake Lugano and Lake Como in spirals and labyrinths we made it to this little country mansion with a one-star Michelin restaurant. It was possibly the first time I had experienced Italian food attempt to be innovative. IMG_8690

IMG_8606IMG_8583 The colours and presentation was striking and the flavours were fresh, with traditional Italian elements like balsamico, eggplant and soft, light cheese. IMG_8592

The traditional Piemonte tartare of fassone (a lean, tender bovine breed) was partnered with sugary sweet flavours and a blue macaron filled with a meat pâté. The tartare was good but whilst I appreciate the creativity, I am not in agreement with the sweet-meat trend.IMG_8593 However, the next course was truly delicious. Why don’t you get homemade pasta like this outside of Italy? Rich, buttery and topped with shaved black truffle. Mouth-wateringly delicious.IMG_8586 IMG_8589

The main course was a thoroughly enjoyable pair lamb chops in a light tempura batter with a slightly citrus glaze. IMG_8594

For dessert, I had pineapple and L had the cannoli of chocolate with white chocolate mousse and black cherries.IMG_8596 IMG_8597 IMG_8600

Overall a wonderful experience, well worth its Michelin star.