The restaurant feels formal, perhaps a bit stiff. It’s very quiet. But when you are served the ‘wine Bible’ life seems altogether brighter.


First up was an array of colourful tempura crisps with some airy light little finger foods.IMG_9477IMG_9481   Then came the infamous ‘caramelised Russian salad’, vegetables and eggs bound together with mayonnaise and encased in a crisp candied disc.IMG_9480  Then soft slippery sea urchins in a delicate sweet broth.IMG_9482

Continuing with the sugary theme, the next course was a surprisingly tasty creme brûlée of sea snails IMG_9483Then veal heart and fois gras sprinkled with Hawaiian black salt.IMG_9484 Then, stockfish liver with raisins and pinenuts. IMG_9485

The chef is really quite insistent that we have something sweet with each course. In the next case it was rhubarb, with a beautifully runny yolked chicken egg, asparagus and pink pepper. IMG_9486 IMG_9487

This was perhaps one of my favourite courses of the night, this tomato spaghetti dish encompassed the bold balanced flavour combinations of good Italian cooking. IMG_9488 And things got better with the next course of miso risotto, brimming with umami flavours, red mullet and green tea.IMG_9489 For the main, we were served pigeon three different ways (underneath the center béchamel is a pink piece of breast).IMG_9491 Considering the sweet starters, our first dessert was an earthy bowl of bone marrow, beans and chocolate.IMG_9493 Followed by cleansing bowl of lemon and sake something (unfortunately I didn’t pick up the full description!).IMG_9494 Lastly we had chocolate beans, coconut, wasabe, with white chocolate, peas and caramel biscuit, before rounding off the meal with a glass of sweet wine.
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