Clove Club 2

The Clove Club is a very trendy place. Located in Shoreditch Town Hall, with an open view kitchen and preference for organic pinot noirs, one reviewer dubbed this delightful restaurant a ‘foodie hipster heaven’. Certainly some rather ‘hip’ ingredients feature in the £95 tasting menu, starting with the ubiquitous reconstruction of fried chicken. The first time I visited The Clove Club fried popcorn chicken on a bed of pine needles was the first snack, this time we had a slightly more sophisticated version in the form of crispy skin from deboned devilled chicken feet with a tarragon sauce.


This was followed by a small dish of smoked roe and matcha. Next up was a tart of sheepsmilk yoghurt and asparagus, a refreshing palette cleanser or subtle vegetal flavours and golden pastry.


IMG_9814The main menu began with a stunningly fresh and subtle smoked wild irish trout with watercress, Japanese nori kelp and cherry blossom. Continuing with another seafood feat of a raw Orkney scallop adorned with fine slices of black periogord truffles and the sharp citrus flavour from another Japanese ingredient, sudachi.



Next up was a perfectly cooked flame grilled Cornish mackerel with Indian spices like cumin and wild fennel. Then we were presented with a fragile tart of savoury Montgomery cheddar and sweet crystal malt, of course after being warned of its delicate nature I still managed to drop mine, but D offered me his so I was able to enjoy the lightness of this fresh and crumbly tart.IMG_9826



We were both quite excited about the sound of ‘duck and ginger broth with hundred year old madeira’, the description sounds mystical but it was exactly as described. A clarified warming spicy broth with a shot of sweet hundred year old madeira, duck paired with its most complementary partners.


IMG_9834We’re back to the in-vogue courses of a buckwheat pancake and Devonshire veal contrasted with sweet orange. I’m noticing more and more pancakes on these menus, often accompanying strong meat. This was a well executed version and the flavours were balanced rather than provoking, however I’m still not sure if I appreciate pancakes in such format.


The main was a black face Suffolk lamb with seaweed and purple sprouting broccoli.IMG_9841

For our deserts we had tunworth, honey and kinome, followed by Amalfi lemonade and sarawek pepper ice cream – the sorbet fizzes and pops in your mouth – and finally a strawberry tarte fine with honey ice cream.