Laser Hair Removal – my experience

I started going to Pro.Skin Clinics for laser hair removal. They charge a flat rate of £49 per body part. I was driven to laser hair removal after years of bikini waxes, in the hope that this would banish all present and future in-grown hairs.

The lasering takes place in a “salon” (unused storage room) at the back of Superdrug. Unexpectedly you have to shave the whole area, before the treatment, though the beauticians are happy to touch you up if you miss a crevice, nook or cranny. It’s all very glamorous. A grid is drawn on the area to ensure full coverage, and then the little laser flicks begin. Unlike waxing that removes several hairs at once, this pain is pinpointed at the individual follicles, but it’s over very quickly. And yes, there is the odd burning smell. The entire Brazilian takes about 10 minutes. After treatment the area is red and bumpy, a good sign apparently. Over the following days, the hair grows as normal, but 10-14 days later, the hairs start to shed.

You have to go back every six weeks initially (this is the length of the hair cycle and ensures catching them at the prime active stage). Then after the first few treatments, the lag extends to 3 months, until you are just touching up the area for maintenance as and when.

My first two treatments were quite successful in terms of the hair shedding and not much growing back. I am still getting in-grown hairs, presumably from the in-between shaves. However, over this period between the second and third treatment, I’ve noticed a lot of regrowth instead of the usual sparseness. I’m not sure if it is just due to my hair follicles readjusting after the break from waxing, I will continue for six treatments and then judge whether the results are true.


*update – 6 months

I wasn’t entirely convinced, clearly. But for the third treatment, we turned the level up. I’m not sure what that means other than it hurt more but the results were so much better. There was much less regrowth. I took too long of a break between my third and fourth treatment as I was ill, on top of that I forgot to shave until right before the session. This all meant that it was really quite painful indeed. But the results were even better. There is still some stubborn regrowth around the lip, that the technician seemed to understand as a common problem. However, I can count the number of remaining hairs on the front. Shaving has been a pain, and where there are still live hair follicles, the shaving was still causing ingrowns. As the hair reduces though, the ingrowns reduce too. My fifth treatment, was apparently a higher level again, though much less painful (I shaved two days before).

One thing to note though is the price has increased to £59. This would have put me off starting treatment, but now that I am almost up to six treatments I will start decreasing the frequency. This means £59 every couple of months instead of paying for a monthly wax, that’s my justification for now anyway.