I recently learned that my favourite Japanese restaurant, The Shiori has closed. MD first brought me to the tiny restaurant in December 2014, and we returned a handful more times, but I never got around to writing a review. I was eating flavours and textures that I’d never had before, I was concentrating on enjoyment rather than recording each nuanced delicacy.

The sashimi, it goes without saying was tremendous. The couple who run the place explained that it was a challenge to find fish fresh enough for their Japanese standards in London. It was some of the best fatty tuna that I have ever tasted.


Assorted Sashimi high grade

But beyond the traditional raw fish, this dining experience opened my eyes to the full scope of Japanese dishes, including wagyu beef and a variety of starches and legumes. The sticky, soft, sweet, savoury, fresh, spicy, subtle combinations of ingredients was always delightful. I found an appreciation for tofu and sea cucumber. And of course, always ending with the creamy, delicious matcha tea to aid digestion.


Red Salmon Mizore

Asari (clam) clear Soup

Asari (clam) clear Soup


Scallop with mustardy vinegared miso


King Crab with cabbage and Yuba Roll


sea cucumber & Abalone


Wagyu petit Shabu-shabu


Sea Cucumber, Mountain Baby Potato, Sweet prawn Koji-tsuke


sweet shrimp (amaebi) with bottarga, yellow tail with koji (fermented rice), sweet black beans with kumquat


Seaweed and radish pickles


Age-dashi Shirako Tofu

I’m sad that I didn’t write a full review and that I won’t have the opportunity to return, but I’ve compiled a tribute of pictures and hope that one day I’ll experience Japanese cuisine like this again.


Assorted Sashimi high grade