Lyle’s 2

Ah Lyle’s… we were drawn to its minimalist décor, local produce and seasonal tasting menu a few months ago, but it just fell short of expectations. The first problem was the gin; Dodd’s gin, the only gin they serve. I admire their loyalty to an independent London gin, but not all of us like our gin to taste of weak chlorine. However, that was the only shortfall that remained in the second visit. Much like another hip Shoreditch foodie venue, Lyle’s managed to refine and individualise their offering in a matter of months. The dishes were much more coherent, sophisticated, and well… tasty!

A few snacks to begin with, this presentation seems to be very on trend:IMG_2033

IMG_2037Then pumpkin with buttermilk.IMG_2045The beautiful fish course (I didn’t write down the name so wouldn’t want to guess incorrectly but I do remember it being delightful – MD can attest).IMG_2039Saddleback for the main meat course, with onions, and I believe some apple in the sweet sauce. IMG_2047Okay this one was a disappointment. I don’t eat nuts so my dessert was best described as frozen grass…IMG_2050