Fera 3

Our night at Fera (surprise from MD) was our first meal out of 2016. There was a spangly Christmas tree of silver umbrellas, guarded by giant nutcrackers standing tall. It was our third time at the restaurant, and sadly our worst table; tucked into the dark (and yes I partly blame the lighting for the poor photos) back corner near the bar. Nonetheless, we were looking forward to the meal and opted for the tasting menu complete with wine pairing.Claridge's lobby at Christmas


Of all the snacks, this delicious package of fried onions and stewed rabbit with a fresh vegetal accompaniment  is still the winner for me. The other snack pictured is pumpkin and sheep’s yoghurt.


Smoked eel with potato and horseradish


A repeat-show of duck hearts with creamy Tunworth cheese. Similar feelings as last time, I like duck hearts I don’t need them to be smothered in cheese. IMG_2622


Poached scallop with winter herbs and a Jerusalem artichoke broth. IMG_2650

I really liked this one, meticulously equal sized cubes of raw veal with the sweet quince and hot mustard produced a memorable combination of textures and flavours. IMG_2657

Sadly, they were running low on lobster so Fera’s idea of an equitable remedy was leeks? I don’t mind a leek, but its no lobster. MD commented this plate was a mess, both in sense of presentation and ingredients. IMG_2667

Halibut and pork fat, with butternut squash, spinach and yoghurt.IMG_2674

Roe deer with caremilsed cauliflower, red chicory and smoked beetroot. Delicious, and well done, I especially liked the cauliflower, but deer and beetroot is beginning to get a bit repetitive at these places. Someone needs to think more out of the box.


Sheep’s yoghurt rapeseed cake, honey, juniper and tarragon

Salted chocolate cream, bergamot nitro rosemary

Verjus and Fennel

Chocolate and apple