IMG_3079What is the first thing we did when we arrived in beautiful Paris at midday on a sunny Saturday? Nap. Specifically, a long, indulgent nap in the sumptuous bosom of the hotel bed. Some well deserved replenishment. The second thing? Drink wine of course. Lavinia, the three-story 500 sq metre wine Mecca of Paris, is adorned with a varied international selection of 65,000 wines and spirits.
IMG_3084They operate in immaculate climate conditions, and have enomatic machines on each floor, including at the restaurant where you can opt for a wine ‘tasting menu’, or individual glasses from 3cl. Assistants roam the store, coravins tucked into their belts gleaming like pistols, waiting to be called to serve some of the wines marked with a sticker symbolizing ‘coravin tasting available’.


Plus if you’re particularly fortuitous, you may just visit on the day of a Japanese sake tasting, complete with live sashimi demonstration and aperitif. Ok, maybe that was once in a lifetime.IMG_7099

We topped off a long day with a dip in Hotel de Nell’s distinctive Japanese bath, big enough for two… IMG_3073