At the end of a residential street in Bloemendaal (a small town 25 minutes by train from Amsterdam), proudly sits a two Michelin star restaurant that warmly welcomes local regulars and tourists alike.
The appetisers began with a cylinder of beetroot, eel, duck liver and liquorice root, followed by a tart of delicious slow cooked pork neck with spices and coriander butter foam.


Next were two oysters with leeks and a (very) oriental spiced yoghurt. So far, so good, though next course of raw dorado, with oil of coriander seeds, nori seaweed and a disc of passion fruit jelly was exceptional in its textures and flavours.


IMG_4496As the next plate was served a waft of cheese was in the air. Atlantic cod served with cream of parsnip and parmesan cheese with a foam or roasted garlic, crispy parmesan wafers and of course, curry spices – Dutch cuisine often seems to harbour flavours of its colonial roots.


The main was French pigeon its own juices, with cinnamon, parsley oil and artichoke. Inside the cylinder was delicious moist roasted pigeon and just at the front of the plate is a duck heart that MD particularly enjoyed.IMG_4521

Dessert was caramel yoghurt with macaroons of blueberry, pine tree oil ice cream with blueberries.


Both of our teas (earl grey and lemon verbena) were very good.

We then had a series of further sweets, including little apple beignets, cherry tiramisu, roasted clementine with chocolate ganache, and then more chocolates (well it is Easter after all).


Overall we likened it to the Ledbury in terms of style (culinary and aesthetic), I think Chapeau! had the edge for me.