Clove Club 4

The World 50 Best list came out a few days ago. No surprises for me, expected that Osteria Francescana would beat El Cellar de Can Roca (though still cannot wait for my reservation at the latter in just under 11 months time…). But I was particular pleased to see The Clove Club coming in at number 26 and realised that I have still not written up my favourite meal there.

I arrived for our first lunch there (usually we go for dinner) slightly earlier to MD and had a glass of champagne, enjoying the bright airy daylight.

When we sat down we were served some of the usual snacks including green bean tarts and buttermilk chicken on a bed of pine.


The first course was slow poached oyster with beef jelly and a delicate amount of grilled cream. The oyster was tasty and went well with the jelly and fresh herbs. It didn’t quite beat Kitchen Table’s oyster course for me, but a nice reminder of oyster’s versatility.


The second course was superb. Raw Orkney scallops, hazelnuts (not for me), with brown butter and Perigord truffle. The truffle came in the form of a sticky syrupy sauce at the bottom, and fresh shards. The raw mushrooms added an extra light earthiness. There was also an interesting citrus jelly that brought out the flavour of the scallops. Delicious and beautiful!


This was followed by flamed Cornish mackerel, shiitake, peas and green curry. This combination of fish and curry spices reminded me of dishes we have had in the Netherlands. The mackerel was perfectly balanced in saltiness and went well with the mellow cream, sweet peas and earthy mushrooms.


For the main, we had 21 Day Dry Aged Challans Duck, with raddischio and prune. The Clove Club tends to nail duck. They do a great course on the dinner tasting menu with 100-year-old madeira, and this was no less tasty with the radish leaf hiding slow cooked duck and herbs.


The first dessert was Yorkshire rhubarb and grapefruit jelly. Light, refreshing but sweet as, well, sugar.


The second was a table divider. I didn’t like it very much but MD was keen. It was burnt clementine and buttermilk mousse but for me it was ever so bitter. MD compared it to grapefruit.


IMG_3838Overall a really successful meal and I would definitely do lunch there again. I hope it doesn’t become difficult to get into now that it is no26 in the World.

To top the afternoon off, we went had tickets to ‘Bonobo presents…Outlier’ at Tobacco Dock. If you haven’t heard of him, or you’re not sure if you like electronic music I would recommend searching for Bonobo. He’s a fantastic electronica DJ/musician with what I would consider jazzy influences. We saw a few other acts in various rooms including Alex Smoke in the underground car park and Gilles Peterson playing some of his jazz/Latin influenced tunes. Fantastic fun and what a way to spend a day!