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  This coastal gastropub in Whitstable has had a Michelin star since 2008 but has recently gained notoriety topping the national restaurant awards twice in a row, ahead of London hot-shots The Ledbury… Continue reading

Celler de Can Roca

31st May 2016 23.15pm, or exactly 11 months and 3 days, or 8088 hours ago after several failed attempts, I finally received that prized reservation confirmation! And now we were actually here about… Continue reading


Lasarte was a complete surprise for me, MD had arranged it all in secret and whilst my initial reaction to lunch at a 3 michelin star restaurant the day before the worlds number… Continue reading


L’Etage is the perfect date night dining venue. It is conveniently located in the centre of town, but accessible only by an inconspicuous door next to the main restaurants up a cavernous stairway… Continue reading


We visited Ninth in Fitzrovia on a sunny afternoon, and it was brimming with relaxed customers enjoying the selection of fine wines by the glass and plates to share. We begun with delicious… Continue reading


Strolling down upper street from a  date at The Sampler,  and up, and down again, we finally decided on Galley as for our spontaneous dinner out. All started well with a garnished G&T… Continue reading


Hedone; you wouldn’t know it was there unless you knew it was there. Inconspicuously nestled on Chiswick High Road somewhere between Domino’s and Chiswick’s best kebab, I have been passing it daily wondering… Continue reading


Bonhams, one of the world’s oldest and largest auctioneers of fine art harbours a secret that its daytime bidders have been privy to for months… a sophisticated restaurant headed by Tom Kemble that… Continue reading

Clove Club 4

The World 50 Best list came out a few days ago. No surprises for me, expected that Osteria Francescana would beat El Cellar de Can Roca (though still cannot wait for my reservation… Continue reading


Walking through the bustling streets of central London, swivelling past tourists in building anticipation as I wonder where we could be going (hopefully for dinner)… MD kept it as a surprise but he… Continue reading


At the end of a residential street in Bloemendaal (a small town 25 minutes by train from Amsterdam), proudly sits a two Michelin star restaurant that warmly welcomes local regulars and tourists alike.… Continue reading

De Librije

MD leans towards me in the silent carriage of a train from Amsterdam airport. “We’re not going to Amsterdam baby”, he says with a sense of mischief and glee. Yes he pulled, what… Continue reading

Macellaio RC Exmouth Market

An Italian butchers that serves only steak from Piedmont and tuna from Sicily, the idea being the warm-blooded red meat fish will come together in tantalising pairings. We were sat at an undersized… Continue reading

The Ledbury

A restaurant in the World Top 50, scored highly by Andy Hayler, and awarded two Michelin stars… expectations were high for The Ledbury. We had some snacks to begin, presented on the fancy… Continue reading


The steak tartare is really the only thing worth talking about from our Valentine’s brunch at Bistrotheque. The Eggs Royale were cold and served with a sharp hollandaise. MD enjoyed the pancakes and… Continue reading

Fera 3

Our night at Fera (surprise from MD) was our first meal out of 2016. There was a spangly Christmas tree of silver umbrellas, guarded by giant nutcrackers standing tall. It was our third… Continue reading

Lyle’s 2

Ah Lyle’s… we were drawn to its minimalist décor, local produce and seasonal tasting menu a few months ago, but it just fell short of expectations. The first problem was the gin; Dodd’s… Continue reading


Last week I did something I don’t do often, but when I do there is a lot of gin consumed… I went out with my colleagues. And I am so glad I did,… Continue reading

Clove Club 3

We kicked off our meal with cocktails; a well-made Monkey 47 gin and tonic for MD and a ‘blood and sands’ for myself. An apparently classic cocktail (though this was my first), the… Continue reading

Sergent Recruteur

In April last year we had our first weekend away together. MD kept the destination as a surprise, but he knew if it was anywhere other than Paris, I would have been disappointed.… Continue reading


We devoured the tasty (if expensive) foams of Martín Berasategui, we relished the challenge of 24 unrewarding courses at Mugaritz and made it to the final stop on our restaurant tour of the… Continue reading


Mugaritz, at the time rated number six in the world, located in the idyllic Basque countryside about 20 minutes from San Sebastian, is renowned for its creative 24 course menu abundant with unusual… Continue reading


I recently learned that my favourite Japanese restaurant, The Shiori has closed. MD first brought me to the tiny restaurant in December 2014, and we returned a handful more times, but I never… Continue reading

Martin Berasategui

Foams, foams and more foams. Popularised by Ferran Adria and often critiqued recently for being passé and unnecessary fuss, Martin shows us how its supposed to be done…. Okay so I could have left a little… Continue reading

Kitchen Table 2

Second time round and I know the drill: Perch on a stool with a glass of champagne in hand, perusing the various hotdog toppings whilst you wait to be shown through the back… Continue reading

Clove Club 2

The Clove Club is a very trendy place. Located in Shoreditch Town Hall, with an open view kitchen and preference for organic pinot noirs, one reviewer dubbed this delightful restaurant a ‘foodie hipster… Continue reading


The taxi had not yet rolled to a complete stop and a stranger in a top hat was opening my door to help me out. This was Claridge’s. The “Very-Important-Diner” treatment continued as… Continue reading


“Noma”; we said to the taxi driver, assuming it to be notorious to all who dwelled in proximity to the number one restaurant in the world. “Address?”, was his response. And indeed, the… Continue reading


The restaurant feels formal, perhaps a bit stiff. It’s very quiet. But when you are served the ‘wine Bible’ life seems altogether brighter. First up was an array of colourful tempura crisps with… Continue reading

La Locanda del Notaio

Climbing up the mountain between Lake Lugano and Lake Como in spirals and labyrinths we made it to this little country mansion with a one-star Michelin restaurant. It was possibly the first time… Continue reading


Amsterdam: canals, coffee shops, and sex shows. Not the first place that springs to mind as a gastronomic destination, but in fact holds some really promising restaurants. BAK is situated on the top floor… Continue reading

Tom Aikens

Tom Aikens grew up in a culture of food and wine. At 26 years old as head chef at Pied à Terre, he became the youngest chef in Britain to achieve two Michelin stars.… Continue reading